Someone wearing a blue-green lace knit legwarmer, tied at the top with a pale blue ribbon.

Necessity of Innovation Legwarmers Pattern Errata

Welcome to the errata page for the Necessity of Invention Legwarmers!

If you bought your copy of the pattern in my shop, or on Etsy, you should be able to access any updates by logging in and downloading a new copy.

If you’re looking for your pattern version, look at the last page of the pattern, and it should say when the pattern was last updated.

Initial Publication: December 16, 2019

  • October 28, 2021

    • Updated Tutorial Link and Credits for the Long-Tail Cast On

    • Corrected Minor Typos

    • Updated Footer and Contact Information

    • Added New Pattern Muses on Patreon

      • Tim Adams

      • Elizabeth

    • Updated Errata Link to lead to this page