Someone wearing a pair of green socks. They have a lace leaf pattern along the leg and top of the foot.

Garden Lace Socks Errata

Pattern Published: July 13, 2018.

  • August 9, 2018:

    • Edited typo in Introduction -- "Any fingering-weight nylon/wool or nylon/merino blend would substitute nicely."

    • Edited minor typo in gauge -- "4 inches (10 cm) square in stocking stitch"

    • Added additional formatting for section headers and sub-headers

  • March 31, 2022:

    • Added a Large Print/Screen Reader Accessible Download

    • Updated Formatting

    • Corrected Minor Typos

    • Glossary:

      • added tbl: through the back loop

      • added k2tog: knit two stitches together

      • added ssk: slip the first and second stitch knitwise, then knit these two stitches together

      • added p2tog: purl two stitches together

    • Updated Tutorial For Long-Tail Cast On.

    • Added Tutorial Link for Pick Up And Knit.

    • Garden Lace Written Instructions:

      • Updated Formatting

      • Corrected “Rows” to Rounds”

      • Added Round 12: Repeat Row 2.

    • Heel Turn: Row 1: Sl1, knit 16 (19) sts, ssk, k1, turn.

    • Toe Set Up: Rather then Knitting Round 12: Knit to instep, k0 (1), p(0) 1, k0 (1), k to 0 (3) sts before end of instep, k0 (1), p(0) 1, k0 (1), knit to end of round.

    • Updated ‘Contact Me’ section

    • Edited Contact Information in Footer, updated Website and e-mail links

    • Updated Link to Twitter:

    • Updated Tech Editor's Name: Katharine Malcolm of Malcolm Maid Designs

    • Updated Errata Link that now points to this page!